The funny thing

The funny thing is how angry that post is and I haven’t even explained the name of my blog, which will make you think I’m a liar. I’m really happy in real life I swear.

Living it Yellow: Living in that bright, peppy, sunshiney way that makes people happy, but maybe not so much when they look at you directly. It’s all great and you see the big picture and it blinds you. People are so muted! Not dull muted, everybody is ridiculously interesting, but muted of themselves. I’m not talking about living your life to the fullest shit either, I hate people telling me how the fuck to live; I just mean be brightly and unashamedly you. Thats what yellow is to me, a full dose of itself: bright, clear, and not in a way that conveys happy or sad really.

Who knows if I make sense or if that was a bunch or crap, but it makes sense to me, so thats what matters at the moment.


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