Wake up Call

Realizations come in unlikely forms, like “Things Rachel and I argue about”.

Hilarious…. and then I realized…. fuck, I’m a lot like Rachel.  And that would be why my best friend thinks I’m a pain in the ass. It all makes sense to me when I say stupid irrational things, but hearing it from a male perspective, I’m pretty sure I just sound like an irrational bitch. Not that I’m nearly as stupid as “Rachel”, or at least I hope not, but a lot of the dumb arguements sound unfortunately familiar.

My goal is to stop it for at least a week. That means no more:

“You’re mean”

“Stop being a dick”

“Why are you like that to me”

“*any sort of PAY ATTENTION TO ME type thing*”

And I’m damn gonna make an effort to appreciate the shit he puts up with with me.

Thank you “Things Rachel and I argue about”


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