The secret!?!

My blog got some views! How weird!

So I’ve learned the secret to success: CUPCAKES

If I write about cupcakes, the views will follow.

So I guess I’ll elaborate on cupcakes a little bit so this isn’t as bullshitty as what I normally write.

I happen to love cupcakes. Cake formed into it’s own little pieces all wrapped up in a (customizable!) wrapper is such a fantastic idea. Funfetti cupcakes in particular are wonderful; should you ever wonder “What could be better than cake!?”, the answer would be FUNFETTI CAKE with pretty colors! I get excited when I’m grocery shopping and people walk by the cake mix section and see the funfetti box and yell “FUNFETTI!”. It just makes me smile.

A dumb fact about myself: While I love cupcakes, I hate icing. Cupcakes that are decorated to look like something precious like a bunny or a fuzzy monster are nice, but I’m just going to scrape it off regardless.

Also, I had a new discovery in the world of cupcakes today! Nutella cupcakes! Again, a combination of two fantastic things.


2 responses to “The secret!?!

  1. It’s because cupcakes are fun to look at. They are so cute and yummy šŸ™‚

  2. Its true! Cupcakes are just an all around wonderful thing.

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