Life is eating me alive!

I have too much to do in class, I’m getting a job I know I’ll hate, but I don’t have a choice at the moment, I’m ridiculously behind in everyting, I have so much cleaning and house stuff to do I don’t even know, my very good friend’s brother, who I knew and loved, commited suicide and I have no idea how to help him, I’m going to fail my internet classes because I keep forgetting about them, I’m damn exhausted, I gained 10 pounds and I look horrible all the time, I’m kind of a bitch, I have to go home this weekend, I still haven’t unpacked part of my room, I feel like I’m not able to pay enough attention to my bunnies…..

Its all building up! Too much! So… I’m done whining. It’ll get better once I can dig away at this pile of shit.


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