So it’s 7:30 in the morning, I still can’t get to sleep, so I thought I’d share my favorite thing for today.

This is all the hell over the internet, so it’s nothing special, but this made me love Josh Groban just a little bit. He’s funny. Listen for when he says “Oh God” before the Fresh Prince theme, it’s wonderful.

I’m too dead to write anything else constructive.


Beware of the man of one book

Just a fun link I’ve discovered in my stumbling about the internet:


I’m a big reader, but I tend to get stuck in satirical-nonfiction-stupidly-clever-book ruts. I’ve actually had some pretty good recommendations from there.

What I should be reading now according to whichbook:

  • Trainspotting (I’ve been meaning to actually, the film is excellent)
  • Making Love – Marius Brill
  • Man or Mango? – Lucy Ellman
  • A Cock-Eyed Comedy – Juan Goytisolo

I should try to bookmooch those… another wonderful website

I love my house

How Long Could You Survive Trapped In Your Own Home?

I don’t know that I love my house that much though. I’m having one of those days where I’ve poked around the kitchen about ten and nothing is appealing. Not even my roommates food.  By days I mean 5am, of course. Insomnia is a killer!

I could definitely survive for 70 days as long as I had the internets.

Wonderful things

I think this is one of the most wonderful pictures I’ve ever seen. There are so many questions! Where is it (probably wouldn’t be too hard to figure I guess)? Why is Conan O’Brien there? Why is a statue of ET next to that painting? Why is Conan looking at ET like that? Who’s idea was this for a photoshoot? Was this somehow a random picture (doubtful, but wouldn’t that be fantastic)?

I can’t wait to see Conan in January!


Road head is such a great and terrible idea at the same time.

I love it!

Consult this lovely post for exactly how legal it is…. seeing as I live in Virginia, I should be spending quite a while in jail.

The secret!?!

My blog got some views! How weird!

So I’ve learned the secret to success: CUPCAKES

If I write about cupcakes, the views will follow.

So I guess I’ll elaborate on cupcakes a little bit so this isn’t as bullshitty as what I normally write.

I happen to love cupcakes. Cake formed into it’s own little pieces all wrapped up in a (customizable!) wrapper is such a fantastic idea. Funfetti cupcakes in particular are wonderful; should you ever wonder “What could be better than cake!?”, the answer would be FUNFETTI CAKE with pretty colors! I get excited when I’m grocery shopping and people walk by the cake mix section and see the funfetti box and yell “FUNFETTI!”. It just makes me smile.

A dumb fact about myself: While I love cupcakes, I hate icing. Cupcakes that are decorated to look like something precious like a bunny or a fuzzy monster are nice, but I’m just going to scrape it off regardless.

Also, I had a new discovery in the world of cupcakes today! Nutella cupcakes! Again, a combination of two fantastic things.


I feel FAAATTTT right now

My obsession of the day (or maybe just moment): Funfetti cupcakes

What I want: One of those poofy shirts from Express

What I need: Money

Where I am: a slightly drunk wonderland

What I’m looking forward to: New York City! Mostly Conan O’Brien

Seriously, I meet him and my pants will offically have been shit.